A Short Introduction To Terri-Ann

Terri-Ann is a St. Lucian home cook, mommy, army wife and You-tuber whose passion for food has enabled her to connect with a large audience in just two years. In 2017 after moving out of London to the countryside, she found herself struggling for ways to keep occupied when her husband deployed every now and again and she was home with two kids under 5.

What started as a simple hobby quickly turned into something more as she rediscovered her passion for cooking being a new wife and mom. In little to no time she had amassed a fan base from all around the world and After sharing only snippets of her talent on Instagram for just a year and a half she decided to branch over to You-tube and is doing exceptionally well on that platform too. She has surpassed over 201,000 subscribers and counting and one can only guess what is next for the young home cook.

Her food is vibrant, rich and so filled with love that you almost feel like she may be your long lost auntie. She has offered so much and has so much more to offer in the forms of eBooks, cookbooks, seasonings and merchandise so be sure to be on the lookout for updates.

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